Hey guys! We have shorty for you this week. Jimmy and Dan discuss the hiatus, music, and Hugh Jackman's huge horse cock.


Episode 37- "Presidential Potpourri"

All hail the Chief! Welcome back to Basement Blather! The only podcast that claims to take place in a basement that does not actually take place in a basement. This is a special presidential themed episode with some random seperate segments peppered in there for fun. We start off this week with a new segment called "Presidential Puns". Next up we hear the history of Presidents day in "The Dusty Den". Before the break we step away from the presidential format for a bit to explore some laws in "Whoes Law is it Anyway". After the break we get back into finding out more fun factoids about our fearless leaders in "All in Time". Taking another break from the presidential theme, we play a new game called "Strange Wilderguess"! Dan tries to guess the creature that Jeremy describes using our absentee co-host's name. We finish the podcast with the segment that will never let you down and will always hold your hair back when you are vomiting in the bar at 2 A.M. Of course, its a special presidential version of "Would you Blather". Thank you very much for listening, we love and appreciate you. Go to basementblather@outlook.com to send us some feedback.


Young Republicans by Steve Combs


Episode 36- "Road Rage Randy"

Happy football week motherfuckers! This is a pre Superbowl episode that Dan got too lazy to edit before the actual game so if you care about sequential timing or Jimmy being present then skip past this one. We do have a very special guest at the end of the episode though so try to stay tuned. We start off with a check in that involves Jeremy's tiny house, our thoughts on the big game, Jimmy being absent and a story about Grand Theft Auto 3. After that we attempt an "All in Time". Before the break we give some silly NFL pros names in "Kooky Kriminals". After the break we hear a special football version of "The Dusty Den". If you dont appreciate some trashing of the NFL you might want to fast foward through this segment. Next we go over some rules in the football world in "Who's Law is it Anyway". "Would you Blather" is up next and it gets weird as usual. The last segment of the show is "How to Save the NFL with Two Dumb Idiots" in which we do exactly what the title implies. Thanks for Listening. Our email is basementblather@outlook.com.


Indoor Sports by Bert Williams


Episode 35- "Wayne Regretzky"

Happy hockey day everyone! Thats right, "Episode 35" is brought to you by hockey. Every other sport sucks ass so we decided to bring you a hockey themed episode where we delve deep into he history of the brutal sport and all its follies. We first check in with Jeremy and Dan who enjoyed a Providence Bruins game just earlier that night. Then Jimmy checks in with us from a county far far away. Next we jump into "Kooky Kriminals". We find some funny names for some idiotic NHL "professionals". Next up we guess which hockey laws are true or false in "Who's Law is it anyway"? Here is the hot dog video we discussed . After that we answer some very painful and hypothetical questions in "Would you Blather?". After the soothing break from all the vulgarity, we comment on true events that happened "All in Time" in the hockey world. Moving on to our next segment Jeremy reads us his version of the history of hockey in "The Dusty Den". Next we try a new segment called "Whats in Jimmy's Fridge". There is nothing funnier than the lonely barren wasteland that is a bachelors fridge. Finally we extinguish this dumpster fire with a fan favorite "How to save the world". This time we attempt to save the NHL from certain peril. Thank you all for listening and dont forget to email us at basementblather@outlook.com or on facebook and twitter.


Intermission--Miniboss Fight by Visager


Episode 34 " Heavy Jimmy Petting"

Hey guys! We are back a week early because the mighty sun god granted us permission to speak when not spoken to. This week it's Jimmy and Dan getting into some stuff without Jeremy. We start off with usual check ins. Then continue to check in until break! Thats fucking right! After the break Jimmy gives us a word that he made up to make us better understand life. To add a little extra christmas cheer to the end of the year, jimmy gives us one last gift title "Jimmy's Bah Humbugs". Finally in the most Jimmy heavy episode hopefully we will ever have, our favorite Italian gives us a shoutout to the big fat jolly man in red. Thanks again for listening. We really appreciate it folks! Go to basementblather@outlook.com to email us for anything, anytime.


Episode 33- "Assulty the Snowman's Christmas Special"

Happy Christmas every butthole! Sorry for the large gap inbetween shows. We give an explaination why in the episode along with our other checkins. We have some good stories this week from living in a hotel for two weeks, to Jeremy using strange tatics to find out who was touching his office furniture while his legs were broken. It takes a while to get into, but after the crazy stories and banter we finally get into a Christmas themed "All in Time"! Then before the break we bust out a snowy, sparkly, no good, two timing "Kooky Kriminals"! After the break we try and figure out where some crazy Christmas laws come from in "Whoes Law is it Anyways"! In Our next Christmas themed segment we hear a snippet of Christmas history in "The Dusty Den". Next we try to get some actual comedy in this show by asking "Would You Blather?". To end the hap hap happiest fucking Christmas episode you've ever heard we present to you, "Basement Bunker". Thanks for tuning in and dont forget to email in to basementblather@outlook.com to tell us how much you missed us. 


Santa Laugh-metaepitome
O Come All Ye Faithful by Mystery Mammal
Shchedryk- by Mystery Mammal
Silent Night by Mystery Mammal


Episode 32-"November 20th"

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Welcome back to "Basement Blather"! We start off as usual with a check in. Next is "All in Time". Then is "Kooky Kriminals". After that is "Would you Blather?". After the break we finish off with "Basement Bunker" and "Jeremy's fucked up gross Dusty Den". Enjoy!


Episode 31- "Beautiful Double Da Vincis"

Hello you gorgeous basement baddies!Welcome back for another episode of "Basement Blather"! We start off this episode by checking in just like we do for every episode. Very exciting. Next we do a little music check in for you audiophiles out there. After that we delve into a sensual chapter in Jimmies life titled "Basement Bewbs". After that crazy fucking shit and the break we do another special edition of "Storytime" but this time with Jimmy. He describes a woman that a made a very poor tattoo choice. In the second to last segment of the episode Jimmy lets us in on some important facts of life that need to be recognized and implemented in your daily life in "Jimmy's Facts of Life". Lastly we used some content from last week's halloween spectacular and we are calling "Basement Blabs: Left Over Candy". Thank you again for listening! Go to basementblather@outlook.com to email in!


windchimes- Northern 87
ragtime music- Scott Joplin
8-bit-loop-halloween waltz-dambient


Episode 30- "Ol' Hallows Dumpster Fire"

Hello spooky basement buddies! Welcome to the halloween spectacular! Just because this is a special spooky episode does not mean that this episode would start any differently than any other. That means we jump right into a check in. After we get all up to date we mix things up a bit for our halloween special by doing a "Gory time with Dan". After that we hear not from kooky criminals, but "Spooky Kriminals" If the shitty grammer bothers you in these descriptions I have some instructions for you. First take your complaint and write it on a piece of paper. Then, take it to your nearest questions/comments/compaints mailbox. Next shove your head in said mailbox and yell yankee doodle dandy until your face turns red and we will recieve the complaint. Then do nothing with it. If you managed through that then you will be happy to know we move on to a special "Who's law is it anyway" next. After that we have a new segment called "Uncle Jeremys Shitty Gross Dusty Den". After the break we have a horror edition of "Would You Blather"? Its as gross as you would think it would be. Next we find out some spooky things that happened in the past in "All In Time". Lastly we try out another new segment called "Basement Bunker". You will find out how awesome it is when you listen to this episode after you are done reading this description. Do us a favor and email us at basementblather@outlook.com. Kisses BYEEEE.


scream-nick121087-Demonic Woman Scream.wav
other scream-TheSubber13
Gerard-Adam piano detuned-thanvannispen


Episode 29- "Jimmys Cookin' Wet Shower Farts"

Hey Basement booty blasters! On this episode we start off as usual by checking in! There are absolutely no suprises hidden in this episode! Next we discover laws that may, or may not, be true in "Whos Law is it Anyway?" After that we do an "All in Time." I dont remember when writing this what it was about but you will see. After the break we try a new segment wherein Jimmy emparts his wisdom upon us in "Jimmy's Facts of Life." In the segment before the last segment we blast through a "Kooky Kriminals." We hear about a closet tweeter, a lonely drunk driver, and theives who snort the wrong powder. Finally we drag on through a "Basement Blabs" because we know how much you all love to hear us think of funny words. Please email us at basementblather@outlook.com or find us on twitter and facebook.


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