Episode 24-"Awful Andrew's Banus Cream"

Welcome back to Basement Blather and thank you for listening! We have a nice long episode for you to enjoy while you excercise, work, masturbate, bury your grandmother but assume her identity to still recieve her government checks, or whatever it is that you do while listening to these things. For starters, as usual, we check in with everyone to see how we are all holding up in this crazy world we live in. Next we getinto"Storytime with Jeremy" that turns into a "Kooky Kriminals". After that we jump into "Would you Blather?" Then we get into an actual real "Kooky Kriminals" that involves a man fucking a mailbox, a man man fucking wet cement, and a man masturbating on a bus. Clearly we are in to talking about guys doing thing with thier members. After the break we take another ride into the tides of history and hear events that happened on that day and try to determine if they are true or false  with "All in time". After that we jump into a fairly long but hilarious "Basement Blabs"! Theres a special re-read of a blab that we are especially proud of. Finally to close out this banus cream filled episode we end on an installment of "Master Debation" Trust me we are calling it "Master Debation" Once again, thank you for listening! You can always go to Basementblather@outlook.com to email us questions or hatemail. We are also on Itunes, Googleplay, and Stitcher! So now you have no excuse for not listening to us.

Questing by Ari de Niro is licensed under a Attribution-
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Scott Joplin-Ragtime Dance

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