Hello, and welcome to Ow! My god damn nipple!! First, we give the listeners a rare insight into our mysterious lives by providing you with a check in. Jimmy would like you to know he is still single and ready to mingle. What are you gonna do about it? Nothing. That's right. You don't even read this do you? In any case, we move on to a blast from the past in this week's "All in Time".  A celebrity dies and you wont believe who it is. Click to find out! We promise there is no more clickbait the rest of the episode. Jimmy gives an epic shout out to the Boston Bruins while creeping out on Dan's Wife. Then we talk about some very strange dreams Jeremy is having. Finally before the break we get into a conversation about meditation and its positive effects on the mind and soul. After the break we explain that Jeremy had to go and we did not feel like finishing up the episode.  Fear not, we will have a new episode in due time.

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