Hello our few but wonderful listeners! Lets cut right to the chase. We start off this week with a lengthy check in on the guys. We are all very busy and interesting, for reals. Next we get in another installment of "All in Time". We learned a few things that happened in times past for March 25th,2017. The underlying messages remains that the three of us are pretty stupid. Right before the break we get a special guest that has not been on the podcast for quite some time. After the break our guest departs and we get this train back on the tracks. We debut our new segment "Abusing the News". We read a headline we found in the news and tell the story as we remember it from our extensive research. Eventually we get to a long awaited listener e-mail. After that we engage in a another bout to find out who is the "Master Debation". This week we debate who has the best sexual fetish. Once again we ask you to email in so we can determine a winner. Thank you for listening!

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