Hello dedicated fans! Thank you for coming back, although we are not sure why you did. Get some help. First off we get an extended check in. Lots of shit is going on and Jeremy has a fantastic story to tell. Next up Jimmy has sexy story, wink wink. After that we jump into another fabulous installment of "All in Time". Thankfully, work was slow for Jeremy so he gives us a story time for the ages. After the break we jump into several versions of would you rather. One is sort of the normal version we call "This VS That". The second is a who would you rather fight type of scenario. Next up is the best segment around. Its like the local burger joint in town where you take your sweetheart to go get a shake and some fries. Thats right folks, it is "Basement Blabs". Finally we end with another new segment by Jeremy called "Oddities of the week". It was too late for that shit. In any case thank you for listening! We really appreciate it.                                    

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