HEY! Hey you. Welcome back to another episode of Basement Blather. Thank you for coming back time and time again to listen to us three idiots stumble our way through the english language. Per usual we start of with a check in that is thankfully much shorter than last weeks. Next we try a new take on our segment "All In Time" by allowing Jeremy to read us things that may or may not have happened in the past and we try to guess if they are real or not. Jimmy follows that segment up by giving us another mediocre shout out thats gross and uncalled for. Jeremy then gives us a sick "Storytime" about a man and his love for a cow. We are keeping it classy per usual. Lastly, before the break, we do a thing that we dont have a name for but its like last weeks would you rather segment. Directly after the break we jump into a special format of "Master Debation" in which we try to flip a coin to decide who is bating who and how many times we get to bate. We sure do love to bate. The first topic turns into another antisemitic shit show created by Jeremy which is nothing new if you are a frequent listener to this podcast. Also for some reason Jimmy simply cannot stop eating goldfish. After that we have another riveting segment of "Abusing the News" titled "Loopy Lesbian". Next we try out an segment that sort of doesnt translate to podcasts but we had a good laugh. Its called "Analyze the Image". Finally we close out the podcast with a segment called "Jimmy's Titties" in which we get a reaction from Jeremy on some titties on Jimmies phone.


Intermission:Night Owl by Broke For Free 
S: Fantasy windchimes_northern87 by northern87 | License:
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Abusing the news intro: This is a jingle produced by
alexschmidtmeister, a schoolradio group at a German high school for their newscast
from freesound.org Equipment used: Halion and Nuendo
"Analyze The Image" intro"thrill announcement.wav" by: zagi2 from freesound.org
drum roll is buzz roll.wav by bigjoedrummer

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