Greetings dick lickers! Welcome to episode 21 of Basement Blather! Jumping right in we do our usual check ins, but fear not, we have lots of suprises in store for our devoted fans. All one of them. Next we mosey on in to a segment where we try to figure out whether or not Jeremy is telling the truth about an event that happened in times gone by in "All in Time" After Jeremy attempts to fool us we get a confusing but typical shoutout from Jimmy. Next up is an equally confusing "Storytime with Jeremy". Folling that, we have a "Kooky Kriminals" involving animals specifically. If you like 3 grown men making animals noises of animals that are from the rainforest then this episode is for YOU! You know who you are. During the break we hear a spicy jam made by none other than our own big dumb giant. After the break we jump right back into our tennage years with a "Would You Rather" segment. Next up we do another "Analyze the Image" but we forget that we called it that. Finally we end this glorious episode with another installment of "Basement Blabs". We hope you enjoy this episode.

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