Hello Basement Bastards! Welcome to another episode of Basement Blather! We have an exciting episode for you today that begins just like every other episode, which actually, does not make it exciting. Enjoy anyways! Next up is the segment that you may or may not recognize as "Storytime with Jeremy". Following that we get into "All in Time". Moving along we jump right into an oldie but goodie known as "Kooky Kriminals". After that we enter into the realm of "Would you Blather?" formally known as "Would you Blather?". Next we try out a new segment where we try to turn new movies that recently came out into porn titles. After the break Jimmy and Dan read a quick email and check out for the evening. Thank you for listening and check us out on basementblather.podbean.com  and Itunes. You can also email us at basementblather@outlook.com

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